Over 11 million domain names have already been registered. A unique domain name can differentiate from other companies. As it is scarce, it is difficult to achieve. Thus, it is very important to register your domain name now, even though you don't need the domain name in the short period. Maybe you need it in the future.

Local domain name registration
(for life time)
(need company BR for registration)
www.yourname.com.hk www.yourname.org.hk www.yourname.edu.hk www.yourname.net.hkHK$200
International domain name registration
(for the first 2 years)
www.yourname.com www.yourname.org www.yourname.edu www.yourname.net HK$320
The next year international domain name renewal  HK$160
Chinese domain name registration
(for first 2 years)
www.yourname.com.cn www.yourname.org.cn www.yourname.edu.cn www.yourname.net.cn HK$1200
The next year Chinese domain name renewal  HK$600

Check your desired name now!
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