Our Business Partners:

Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW)
Network Solutions
R & B Computer Systems Ltd.
FlexSystem Holdings Ltd.
PacificLink iMedia Ltd.
Udomain Web Hosting Co., Ltd.

We are now seeking any suitable companies to form strategy alliance. From such partnership, our partner can enjoy the following benefit:

  • Have the final pricing and marketing strategy
  • Have own brand name
  • Provide more value-added services like hosting and Broadband
  • Enlarge sales network
  • Strength the competitive advantage
  • Free technical support

Reseller Program is designed for all companies provide Internet, Extranet or Intranet business solutions. This program could help to integrate our/your services into your/our solution to strength each other's business. You can resell all kind of Citipage's service, and get extra revenue without any capital or investment. We will provide you with full technical, presales and post sales support.

Referrer Program is developed for encouraging our existing customers to recommend other parties to use any of Citipage services. This program rewards both the existing and new customers an attractive bonus and service upgrade.

If you want more to be our business partner, please click here.

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